Web site review

How does your current site perform?

There are several criteria by which your site should perform, including:

  • Performance & speed
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Accessibility
  • Readability

Our website review will look at all of them, and give you an overview of the work required to improve the usability and performace of your website.

Accessibility Review

Does your site meet WCA Guidelines?
  • Accessibility checklist
  • Readability review
  • Colour & contrast checks
  • Compatibility review

Social media review

Your web presence extends beyond your website.
  • Social media coverage review
  • Social strategy/activity review
  • Web presence checklist

Total Online Review

A complete website and web presence review
  • Website review
  • Accessibility review
  • Social media Review
  • Web presence review
  • Full report of suggested improvements